Bishop Makamu Gets Arrested

Makamu arrested
It seemed like Bishop Israel Makamu’s scandal was dying down especially after other clergy members like Joshua Maponga and Pastor Phiri had defended him on Amabishop. But it seems it was just the eye of the storm. It is being said that Makamu has been arrested. Police officials are yet to release an official statement on Makamu’s arrest but SwisherPost claims that they have it on good authority that he was arrested from sources close to the situation.
In an interview with Drum Magazine the woman who is at the centre of this scandal, that is the one who Makamu asked for sex in 2017 in the leaked audio said, “I want him to be arrested and never to do what he did to me or anyone else.” It is not clear if her case was the reason why he was arrested or it is because of the 3 other women Kwanele Mfundisi claimed had opened cases at the police that never saw the light of day. Kwanele was now digging into the reason why these cases weren’t investigated. All this might have led to his arrest. The public’s heavy interest in the case might have hastened proceedings because it is rumoured that the Bishop will appear at the Palm Ridge Magistrate ‘s Court on Wednesday.

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