Andile Finally Shows How He Feels About Sithelo Shozi

Andile posts Sithelo
Andile Mpisane has posted his baby mama Sithelo Shozi and added some heart emojis. It’s about time Tea Squad after all she is carrying his second child. However this further muddies the water as word on the street had everyone convinced the footballer was pushing his cougar Sithelo away and making room for another girl Amapiano singer Kamo Mphela.
Rumour had it Andile’s family preferred Kamo to Sithelo since Kamo and Andile are around the same age. In fact a source told CityPress that Kamo was always at Andile’s home when she was not performing whilst Sithelo had been moved to the Mkhize’s family home in Pietermaritzburg just so they could have access to the child. This love triangle has been existing for quite some time now. When asked about what the source Sithelo had told the publication Sithelo Shozi that she had never said she dated Andile and that they can make up their own theories and phantom stories. It seemed as if she was distancing himself from Andile so she would not be painted as the rejected woman. But Andile posting her publicly for the first time shows that rumours might have been wrong and the two are in good books or Andile is trying to make up for the things he has done wrong. Which do you think it is Tea Squad?

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