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Sizwe Dhlomo Was Trolled Badly And Apologised – The Tea World

Sizwe Dhlomo Was Trolled Badly And Apologised

Sizwe apologises
It used to be that entertainers would get mocked or insulted and they would take the high road and be quiet. Now they clap back hard and sometimes they are even the aggressors. Like in this case Kaya FM presenter Sizwe Dhlomo came for a lady on twitter unprovoked.
So it all started when a tweep said black women deserved love without having to suffer or struggle for it. Sizwe then replied that such love was mediocre and love slapped harder when it’s soaked in tears. Another tweep this time a lady with the username Andis responded that Sizwe is almost 50 as is pointing out that she expected better from a man his age. Sizwe then posted Andis’ picture in response without saying anything as if he was mocking her for her looks. Now people did not like that Sizwe was dissing how Andis looked though Andis just asked Sizwe to clarify what he meant by posting her picture. This is when Sizwe apologised and said, “I’m sorry Andis that was mean spirited and unnecessary of me. I’ve deleted the tweet to you and the one you’re responding to.” Another tweep made fun of the fact that the radio presenter had not been able to last 3 hours of being trolled and judged by tweeps. However Sizwe said it wasn’t about that it was about him owning up to his mistake and correcting it.

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