“Im Tired” Says Mihlali

Mihlali tired of adulthood
With freedoms allowed an adult comes the stress and bills of being an adult. Influencer Mihlali Ndamase shared with her fans on twitter that adulthood has been showing her flames. What she truly wanted to do in response was cry and throw a tantrum like a kid would do but because she is now an adult she is forced to act maturely even whilst facing a problem.
“Being an adult sucks. When things you have no control over happen, you can’t cry or throw a tantrum in that moment. Just have to fix it and move on,” her tweet read. She added that she can’t stand being an adult. One would be forgiven for thinking that Mihlali has it all figured out. At her age she has a life that most 24 year olds can only dream of. But her tweet shows that everyone no matter how well off they are have their own share of problems.

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