Did Anele Mdoda Just Mock Dj Dimples

Anele Mdoda Dimples
TV and radio host Anele Mdoda tweeted this, “A sexual predator suing a young lady he harassed because she called him out. yi film.” Now because the DJ Dimples rape scandal is trending everyone thought she was referring to that. So people flooded her comment section telling her she was wrong and to delete the tweet. This is because the woman who DJ Dimples is accusing of rape clearly said he was too drunk to remember his pin or address so clearly he was too drunk to give consent.
Anele refused to because she said it was her twitter account to do as she pleases with and that she wasn’t referring to the DJ Dimples issue. Instead she was referring to a lady who was being sexually harassed at work who laid a claim that led to the predator being let go. Now the predator was suing her. The TV host added that it was arrogant for people to assume whatever was occupying their minds was occupying hers. On the DJ Dimples issue she simply said, “I have nothing to say about the Dimples issue. I don’t have enough information on that issue hence I am mum about it perhaps allow the law. The end.”

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