Cassper Nyovest Suggests Celebrity Boxing

Cassper versus Big Xhosa
Rapper Cassper Nyovest has wanted a boxing match since forever. First it was supposed to be between him and AKA but since that match has been postponed for years now Cassper has opened it up to any celebrity who wants to go against him. He asked his fans to suggest who they would want to see going against each other in a boxing ring. One fan said Big Xhosa versus Emtee and Cassper countered that Big Xhosa was not a celebrity. Now Big Xhosa is a rapper trying to break into the music industry whose success strategy includes dissing every other rapper out there in his songs.
When Big Xhosa caught wing of what Cassper had said he said he would knock out Cassper and Emtee in the first round. Cassper then threw the gauntlet down and asked Big Xhosa if he truly wanted to go against him or he was just chasing clout. Big Xhosa responded that he was outside Cassper’s place. “Mxm you play too much. Let me know when you are serious about getting in the ring. Enjoy the clout you got from me for the next 2 days. When you want more, we’ll get in the ring and I’ll give you a boxing lesson or 2,” Cassper responded. The Doc Shebeleza hitmaker seems very serious about celebrity boxing, so don’t be too surprised when you see it on your screens.

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