Abondoned Baby By The Bush

Uncle Fifi
There are pictures circulating on social media which show a baby boy whose mother abandoned him naked in the middle of a thorny forest. Something that tweeps have condemned strongly, many are asking why the mother did not just leave him covered at a place of sanctuary like a church or clinic.
A tweep by the handle name Uncle Fifi then shared his own personal experience and put a face to the experience abandoned babies have. “I was found like this as well 35 years ago. Luckily I was alive,” he shared. Fortunately for him his story had a happy ending. He explained that he was found by a man walking to work in the early hours who took him to the police station. “The police took me to Queen 2. Then my real mom found me and raised me. But I don’t hate my biological mom though. Because she left there I was found by my real mom,” Uncle Fifi added. He said he was grateful that his biological parents had given him up because he assumes his biological parents lived close to where he was found, and that is in Thibella next to Sputaneng, and that means they couldn’t have taken care of him.

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