Zenande Mfenyana Is Tired Of Fans Stressing Her

Zenande’s advice
Actress Zenande Mfenyana was blessed with a baby girl last year. Ever since then she has shared interesting stories of her experiences first as a pregnant woman and now as a mother. She posted advice on twitter for all the mothers whose children are still babies who might be worried that their children have not reached a certain milestone. “Don’t miss out on the now with your baby because you’re so busy chasing milestones. Remove yourself from such and have peace. Babies don’t develop at the same pace,” her post read.
The Queen actress asked people not to ask her about her baby’s milestones as this gave her unnecessary pressure to chase her baby’s milestones. “Unless I post about my baby’s milestones, please kindly refrain from asking me if she’s doing this or doing that yet, that gives me serious anxiety. I’m really not one to rush milestones. They happen when they’re supposed to,” Zenande added. She also added that babies were not competing against each other. “Babies are different and develop at their own ace. This is not a competition,” her last post read.

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