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Shona Ferguson Had This To Say – The Tea World

Shona Ferguson Had This To Say

Shona Ferguson advice
“You are worthy. Black brothers and sisters you are worthy and deserving of love, happiness and success,” was the message actor and producer Shona Ferguson had for his Instagram followers.
Shona said this was black people’s time to achieve what they have always dreamt about, but one thing was holding black people back. “The one thing that does concern me about us my brother and sisters is that as black people we never hold each other accountable. Because it has become so easy for us to blame someone else. We allow certain things to happen within ourselves and our circles that we shouldn’t,” he said. Shona said an example was that black people don’t call each other out when they brutally and blatantly go out of their way to after a successful black person. This is the reason why he doesn’t hesitate to cut off anyone who is toxic and negative from his circle. He also said people should be able to tell their friends when they are wrong. The actor also said social media was being used as a medium to take other black people out cause he was yet to see a white person’s name before the hashtag must fall. Or when people make fun of someone else’s pain and heartache. So Shona attributed the black on black hate to because black people do not believe black people are worthy of success and wealth.

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