Lerato Kganyago Lost Something Vulnerable To Her

LKG phone
A phone today is like a diary with photos, videos and messages that most people do not want other people to see. It also contains for some their schedules as well as access to their money. Many would be lost without their phones. Imagine now you are popular like DJ Lerato Kganyago and you lose your phone, you now have more to lose if it ends up in the wrong hands.
This is the stress LKG went through yesterday when she lost her phone. “Never thought I would forget my phone in an uber. The stress and panic for hours, don’t want to go through that again. The most stressful evening of my life,” she said on Instagram. She added that she had found it at Cape Flats. And she had not forgotten it had been stolen by the uber driver. “Uber driver had stolen it. The way I trust uber drivers today aowa,” Lerato later shared. The DJ thanked her fans for caring enough to concern themselves about her missing phone but said she was glad she had found it.

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