Fans Are Scared DJ Tira Might Be Getting Stroke

Tira high
Babes Wodumo was live on Instagram. She, her husband Mampintsha and DJ Tira were giving fans a taste of their new musical offering. Now people though the song was hot but that’s not what got their attention. Something was amiss in the video. DJ Tira and Mampintsha were not only wearing shades indoors but were acting shady as if they were trying to hide something from the viewers. DJ Tira’s jaw looked unhinged and it looked like it was moving from one side to another on its own and Babes Wodumo seemed to be missing a tooth.
All this led people to think that they were high on drugs but most people were afraid of getting sued and just hinted that they had taken something. Some were worried for DJ Tira and said they were afraid he is having a stroke. Tira did not seem bothered by the allegations flying all over twitter and instead posted a video of himself getting a new Mercedes Benz and popping champagne that he sprayed all over his new car. “Work hard and enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Thank you God almighty,” he said in the caption. Take a look for yourself Tea Squad and tell me what you think.

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