Enhle Mbali Shows Off After Her Divorce

Enhle SAFTAs
Enhle did not come to play y’all. She outdid herself on the SAFTAs red carpet. Well hers was a white carpet and white drapes so her outfits would pop out more. Whilst most people might have toned down as the awards were virtual Enhle went all out. And took advantage of the fact that she could change what she was wearing. And she did not do so once or twice but five times. And each time she looked better than before. “Two shows nominated. I win. Why choose one dress when you can wear them all. Life through the eyes of an artist #SAFTAsWhiteCarpet,”she captioned the video where she sensually strutted her white runaway. All her outfits were designed by Quitera Atelier and all looked gorgeous it’s not hard to see why she had a hard time choosing one.
Enhle said Quitera’s collection gives her a sense of power and authority over her life. “It is a representation of who I am as a woman and as a human who deserves self-respect and basic human rights,” the actress added. Tweeps could not help but say how they prefer this bold Enhle, an Enhle they are only seeing now that she is no longer Mrs Black Coffee.

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