Connie Ferguson Reveals The Reason She Was Not Seeing Her Father

Connie Ferguson’s father
One of the biggest toll of the Covid-19 pandemic was keeping people from their loved ones. At first because of the travel ban and then later because people were afraid to spread it to their relatives especially the elderly.
Actress Connie Ferguson was one of those people who last saw her siblings and father before the pandemic started. “I can’t remember the last time I was so happy! My heart is so full! This young man called my dad turned 85 today,” she said captioning a series of pictures of her, her dad and her siblings. She continued by saying, “The last time I saw Pops was just before Covid hit! In trying to protect him we stayed away and facetimed a lot. Today heaven and earth had to move for all his seven children and Karate children to gather and celebrate their hero.
Connie then penned a sweet message for her father who she says is a self-care enthusiast. “I thank God that at 85, you still have all your wits about you. You’re still sharp, still smart, still wise and still strong. Your happiness today filled my cup. And I promise to continue making you proud so you may want to live and continue to sing God’s praises and glorify His name,” Connie said.

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