Bonang Matheba Expands Her Brand

Bonang Matheba
Media personality Bonang Matheba has decided to broaden the range of beverages House of BNG offers by including non-alcoholic beverages. She had stated before that she wanted to provide for her fans who did not drink alcohol. But that was in 2019 and since the reality star has released other alcoholic beverages so a fan took to twitter to ask her about when they could expect the non-alcoholic beverage.
Another of her co-asked the same question and shared that it was taking too long for the non-alcoholic beverage to be released so they had drank the alcoholic one. Bonang replied that she was still working on the taste and she was almost there. Bonang doesn’t miss an opportunity of retweeting a post of her fans drinking any BNG product. And if the pictures tell the whole story then Bonang is smiling all the way to the bank. Recently she shared that she had sold over 500 000 units of the House of Bonang Nectar Range in just four months. One can only wonder with the introduction of the non-alcoholic beverage how high her sales will be.

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