Norma Mngoma Spills More Tea On Malusi Gigaba

According to Sa Fm news, Norma mngoma spilled more tea as she ensures that the truth comes out. Apparently, Malusi Gigaba was an alleged puppet to the Guptas as he used to do many things for them as well as allegedly getting their family members to South Africa.

Their relationship quickly turned to demands that would pressure and force Norma Mngoma’s then husband Malusi to go to the Guptas compound even when he does not want to. Such even led to health mulfunctions which resulted to regular migraines that would affect him badly. Allegedly.

Although both her gadgets and her husband’s were cleared and wiped off of everything linked to the Guptas, Norma Mngoma did not cease to expose the bags of money, manipulations, and demands by the Guptas towards Malusi.

Although Norma Mngoma was eager to tell it all and tell it like it is, the Deputy Chief justice Raymond had to cut the meeting off sooner than expected, due to the security concerns. Hence Normas escort to her home by police vans and branded vehicles.

Not so long ago Norma Mngoma shocked mzansi when she revealed that she still stays with her ex husband Malusi Gigaba. What was most shocking was the fact that she is in the process of exposing him and spilling all the tea regarding his not so clean life.

From Imagine this in your mouth, to getting her arrested, having her gadgets confiscated, Norma Mngoma has surely gone through alot.

However she gave a snippet of what could have probably gone south, late at night as she shows a convoy of police vans and cars escoting her from a probably out of danger place after she just testified against her ex husband Malusi Gigaba again.

But it raises the questions of where the vans were escoting her to, since she allegedly stays with the man she is being protected from.

In the updates, Norma says she will tell this story one day and is in safe hands.
Some of her fans feel she is looking for attention as some send prayers.

What do you think about Normas escort to the house where she stays with Gigaba tea squad

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