Aka Says His Side Of The Story

AKA interview
You might have your answers sooner rather than later Tea Squad. Answers about AKA and Anele Tembe’s relationship that ended in Anele’s fall to her death from a Cape Town Hotel balcony. Answers from the horse’s mouth rapper AKA. True to his word AKA has finally told his side of the story. And he did so in an interview by ENCA journalist Thembekile Mrototo.
Mgosi confirmed through the production house Barleader that is owned by Legend Manqele that the interview took place and it exists. However they could not provide any further details like when and where it will be released to the public. A small snippet Mgosi official twitter page posted shows a very forlorn and sober AKA questioning the direction that the investigation into Anele’s death was taking. “Detectives flying from Cape Town to interview Zinhle. Why? What is the direction of this inquest?” AKA asks. Another clip shows Thembekile asking AKA why he broke the door, the rapper immediately casts his eyes to the floor and there is just a tense moment of silence.
In a previously released statement AKA vehemently denied being a perpetrator of GBV and was saddened that some people he had loved and entrusted with his deepest troubles were now using them as weapons against him

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