Something Bad Could Have Happened To Bahumi If….

Somizi’s only child actress Bahumi Mhlongo shares what she felt was a brush with danger in a tweet. She narrated how she had called an uber and when it arrived the driver’s face did not match with the face on the app. She then tried calling the number and someone else picked it up. She then encouraged people to check their driver’s faces to avoid getting themselves into dangerous situations. It is so easy for rogue uber drivers to hide their faces now as the mask covers most of it. With so many stories being told of people being kidnapped, raped and getting robbed by rogue uber drivers Bahumi’s advice comes right on time.
“I almost got into a car whose driver didn’t match the face and when I called the number on the app, it went through to someone else. Check your uber and bolt driver’s faces. Regardless of how offended they get, ask them to kindly lower their masks, it’s for your safety,” her tweet read.

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