Lerato Kganyago Shocked Many When She Revealed This

LKG there for Taka Tina
Twitter comedienne Taka Tina is suffering from an untreatable condition and Metro FM presenter Lerato Kganyango has had his back ever since he was diagnosed. He tweeted that he really wanted to go out for lunch and the DJ said when he was stronger and better she would buy him some lunch. Another tweep then asked LKG to donate something towards his medical bill. To which LKG responded that she has been doing so since day 1. “Been doing so from the first day I knew he was not well and will carry on doing so because he knows I’m a call away. I’ve never cared and loved someone I’ve never met on social media as much as I do with him. Our friendship is beyond this platform. I’ve got him,” she said. LKG also added that Taka has made a lot of people laugh when they were going through tough times and if all those people could just contribute a cent towards his treatment it would help.
In another thread Taka revealed that he was all alone, all his friends had deserted him and he had broken up with his gf so she wouldn’t go through this with him. “Funny thing is people mocked me saying I’m a celebrity bouncer for people who don’t about me. LKG supported me from day 1, she’s been there every second treating me like I’m her family. What about them, where are they?” he asked.

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