AKA first public appearance after his wife’s passing

AKA goes back to work
It has been about 3 weeks after the death of AKA’s fiancée Anele Tembe. Unfortunately life goes on and AKA despite the grief he is going through has to join the living. And it seems he is doing so by performing at the 947 Huawei Joburg Day on the 28th of this month. His first appearance since Anele’s funeral.
Anele Mdoda announced this news when she uploaded a poster of the even on Instagram and AKA’s face appeared among other artists who will be performing there. It is not clear whether he had agreed to the performance before his fiancée’s death or not but since his face is on the poster it seems he is going to be there. Other artists who will perform that day include his ex DJ Zinhle and her current boyfriend Murdah Bongz.
In a statement he released after Anele’s death he expressed how much he missed Anele and how heartbroken he is at the unfulfilled life they had planned together. AKA said everyday felt a mountain he had to climb. After this he explained that he was taking a hiatus from the public eye so he called process his loved one’s death.

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