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You Will Not Believe What Lasizwe Said – The Tea World

You Will Not Believe What Lasizwe Said

Lasizwe says he hates men
Youtuber and comedienne Thulasizwe Dambuza paints a conflicting picture of himself. Besides the fact that he is a man himself, he is a member of the LGBTQI+ community and has shared photos with different men that he has been with in the past. Why then would he post that he hates men on Instagram. Could it be that his relationship with the white man he posted hugging recently has already soured? Or maybe it is because of the strained relationship he had with his late father who never raised him? He did not elaborate further on his reason for hating men. He just wrote, “I actually hate men with all my heart.” This could be a contributing factor to him still being a virgin.
Or maybe it’s just Lasizwe being Lasizwe. Wanting to capture people’s attention as well as hear what they have to say. People must have asked him why he hated men because he deleted the post and said this instead, “When did I say I hate men? Y’all are delusional! Me hate men! It could never be me!” Ohh Lasizwe don’t you know by now the internet never forgets, even if you delete it.

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