Mihlali Ndamase To sing At Church

There is no denying that Mihlali Ndamase is multitalented, the influencer who just added actress to her CV might be adding another one of her talents and that is singing. But can you imagine how surprised you would be walking in church and Mihlali is in front singing as part of the praise and worship team? Well that is exactly what this guy’s wants.

Mihlali posted a tweet explaining what a random guy from church had said to her. “One of the guys at church heard me sing and he asked me to join the worship team. That’s on being a multitalented queen,” the tweet read. The meme she captioned with those words showed just how good the comment had made her feel. But most of her fans though they haven’t heard Mihlali sing were questioning the ‘church guy’s’ motive. And most warned her to run from singing church guys, one even called them dangerous. Others said they felt sorry for the other women at the church. Some encouraged her to take the guy up on his offer and in their words, ‘hit them notes.’ What do you think Tea Squad did the guy mean what he said or was he just trying to displace Mihlali’s man.

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