Is Khanyi Mbau Pregnant

Is Khanyi Mbau pregnant?
It is no secret that socialite Khanyi Mbau is happily in love. One can see from the pictures and videos she shares that she has found her soulmate in Zimbabwean businessman Kudzi. But could the mother of one and her lover be expecting a baby together. She posted a picture of an adorable little man who seemed to have both her and Kudzi features and wrote, “We as the K family are ready for you my Boi,” she elaborated that they were naming themselves the K family because all their names start with a K, Kudzi, Khanyi and Khanz.
An Instagram celebrity gossip page then reposted the picture and asked if Khanyi was hinting at her being pregnant. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you see things the socialite is not pregnant. “No admin! No hints no babies,” she said. They might not have a baby yet but it seems from the status it is something Khanyi is not only considering but wants. So very soon we might be reporting that she has gotten her wish and the K family are welcoming an addition to their family.

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