Sjava and Lady Zamar Back Together?

They say there is a thin line between love and hate. And if Sjava has gone back to his ex Lady Zamar then the saying is indeed true. Theirs would be a love that turned into hate that once again turned into love.

Lady Zamar and Sjava’s relationship ended when Lady Zamar accused Sjava of having raped her in their early courting days. Although the case was thrown out by the national prosecuting authority because of lack of evidence Lady Zamar still maintains she was raped. The musician posted a picture of himself and his new love interest who is a dead ringer for Lady Zamar. In the picture he is sitting in a car staring at the woman who is sitting beside him. But the woman seems to be blushing and shyly staring at the floor. Of course peeps could not help but question if they were seeing correctly and it was Lady Zamar or if it was another woman who just looks like her. Sjava captioned the picture with a heart emoji. Because some were bashing him he tweeted that he wished only his fans could see his post. This led to people suggesting he open an only fans account which is funny since it is mostly used for posting sexual content. They teased him until he showed that he had opened an only fans account.

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