This Why Elaine Has Been Trending

Elaine to release new music

Singer Elaine is cooking up some new music and it is promising to be as hot as she is. She posted a teaser on twitter and in it she hums to a beat as she looks dead straight into the camera whilst her right hand slowly moves from her face to her neck. And ever since she tweeted she has been trending on twitter as they marvelled at the change they can see on her already since she relocated to America a couple of months ago.

Elaine released her first album called Elements in 2019 where she shared her experiences of love through her songs. It was so good she bagged a record deal with Columbia Records and is rumoured to be rubbing shoulders with America’s big names in music. She is allegedly working on a new song with rapper Drake. She captioned the video ‘A shining star: An intro’ and shared the link to the full youtube video which shows glimpses of her childhood.

“Growing up in a small family taught me the importance of keeping your circle small. Being able to trust and love unconditionally has helped build me and has been the source of my passion,” she said.  Elaine shared that her dad introduced her to RnB when she was 6 years old and since then that is all she wanted to be.

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