Rami Chuene speaks out against Minister Lindiwe Sisulu

Actress Rami Chuene has never been afraid to stand up and speak against injustice. From the Fergusons to Minister Nathi Mthethwa they have all been at the receiving end of the actress’ criticism.

Yesterday it was the minister of Human Settlement Lindiwe Sisulu who earned the actress and many others’ anger. The minister hired Cuban engineers to a job that many South African engineers are qualified to do. Something she was criticised for considering the country’s unemployment rates. In her tweet the actress said, “That awkward moment when Min. Lindiwe Sisulu accuses @Radio2000ZA of pushing propaganda reCuban engineers, insisting that she made a public call to black engineers but only white engineers responded.” She added that people are wondering where the call was made as they never heard it even though the minister insists it was made on a commercial FM radio station 702. These left people wondering why she didn’t use formal means. What others still failed to understand is why she didn’t hire the white engineers as they are South Africans too as opposed to hiring foreigners. Though some thought it was a smear campaign by president Ramaphosa to discredit her before ANC elections in 2022.

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