Israel Matseke joins the cast of Gomora.

Just recently Gomora’s producer Lula Hela revealed that the show was getting a second season. It is not like DSTV had much of a choice considering that the show is now one of the most watched telenovelas in the country. Season 1 was amazing with stellar performances delivered by the cast that comprised of veteran actors and new faces to the industry. Season 2 has to be better than that.

To try and achieve that they are adding new faces to the cast. Veteran actor Israel Matseke Zulu is joining the cast and is going to play Teddy’s long lost father. Fans of the show were thrilled to know that Israel is joining the cast. Gomora has also been known for giving unknown actors a chance and it has done so with this next addition to the cast. Nandipha Khubone is also joining the cast but it was not revealed in what capacity. We will just have to wait and see. Spoiler alert! Apparently one of the main characters is going to die which will leave the two families heartbroken and grieving.

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