Family Feud to get a second season

American comedian and Family Feud host has announced that he is done shooting the second season of the show. Steve who had a hard time pronouncing South African names in the first season said he is a little bit better now because he has been learning about the names and pronunciation. He revealed that the second season has more celebrity guests and that it was another fantastic season.

When asked what he loved most about South Africa the comedienne said, “It gives me the pleasure of waking up every day and not having to be a minority.” He added that it is something most people take for granted but when he is home he has to factor in the colour of his skin as a minority. Steve also said something profound when he was asked to describe South Africans. “Just like me. I don’t see no difference because you are African and I’m African-American. Everything that we are in America we got from you. I don’t understand the rush to go to America because our soul, our rhythm, the colours, the jewellery we got from Africa. If it wasn’t for you, there’s no us. That’s what so many people miss but I get it and that’s why I wanna be here so bad because I understand the connection,” he responded.

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