Boity Thulo Scammed Again

“Hey Boity, can you please help my young brother with a school shoe, size 6 for boys. He has nothing to wear when going to school”

With Boity’s heart to give , she went on to help the man and said, no problem! I will Dm you

Unfortunately it was all a scam for Boity. The rapper and sangoma once refused to help one tweep with a reason of her spirit not being at peace with her helping the lady, lets just assume she may have ignored the signals this time.

One tweep came to Boitys rescue soon after the damage and let her know that she had just delivered shoes for the man’s younger brother.

Heres the jaw drop!. She did not just deliver the news, she supplied receipts as well. Genius right? Well, such action can be very discouraging to people of good hearts and intentions who are aiming at helping others.

Because you never know whether the person is genuine or not but we are glad that Boity was not shaken by the matter.

Boity chose to stay positive and said
“It happens, its okay. My intentions to help was pure and thats all that matters”

Now tea squad, do we stop helping? Or just accept that we can be scammed in the spirit of helping as well? Not fair.

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