Dineo Ranaka Has Given Us The Confirmation We Needed.

Dineo Ranaka got us all thinking way too much when she added another surname to her Twitter handle. The Ranaka DJ, radio host and mother of two have been posting so many Instagram content with her boy friend and the two seemed to have clicked on another level
we have seen Dineo in love, but not to the point of spending so many giggles and cuddles with a man. The two even attended the wedding of the decade together.

We obviously had speculations that she might be married since she changed her surname on Twitter and Instagram. But no evidence was left for us to pick up and add one plus one.

Fortunately today is her partners birthday, hence the confirmation. Had it not been for his birthday, God knows how else we would have found out. This is what Dineo said on her instagram.

“Please help me wish my husband a happy birthday 🎂🎊🎉🤍🥂 you’re one in a million boo thing! 😂😂😂 Plugged for life and loving it,” Dineo wrote.

Dineo Ranaka is married, and we are happy to finally see her happy and feeling complete. She is such a powerful force and an amazing human. Congratulations to her.

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