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Somkhanda’s Son Is Rumoured To Be Gay. – The Tea World

Somkhanda’s Son Is Rumoured To Be Gay.

The Gumbi’s SABC1 reality show showcases Somkhanda’s life as a multi business owner and a polygamist as well. What we know though is that Somkhanda has many children, already of which were outed as his but not his first wife Bayede’s children, who takes care of them and been taking care of them from a much younger age.

He has two boys and two girls, Yolanda and Senamile of whom Senamile is the only child Somkhanda shares with Bayede. Some people bash Somkhanda for thinking he knows everything about women but he still can’t tell the difference between a cheetah and a leopard. They believe that love is what Somkhanda and Bayede share but not so visible with the second wife. But there’s a lot that Mzansi is saying about this family. Having bagged their 1.7 million views which increased to a 2 million, it must be hard to have 2 million viewers bash you about something specifically.

In this case, amongst the two boys, Mzansi chose the specific one to troll with a squeaky voice. The tweeps thinks that they have spotted the member of the LGBTQI according to his gestures, walks and obviously the talk.

He usually switched to English when he speaks and appears to be one to be cared for with a much smoother heart.

Please note we do not support such homophobic trolls on tea world neither do we encourage such action.

Do you think that he is the member of the LGBTQI? and if he is, is it fair to out him?

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