Lasizwe Went Through Something Horrible.

What an entrance to 2021 for the late Menzi Mcunu’s children. The businessman made sure for all his children of different mothers to be united during his time in this earth which is probably the best gift to each other as they are left with each other now upon his departure.

Unfortunately it is not looking good for his two children who are not happy with the results of their cars’ outlooks after accidents started happening from one person to the other in a matter of hours .

The comic YouTuber Lasizwe Dambuza revealed that his sister just had an accident with her child inside the car. It seems like the safety of the child he claims as his is what made him happy.

Unfortunately for the radio host, someone bumped his car as well and he felt discouraged because he had to do all the work to bush for whoever did it so that their insurance can pay for its repair. Although his car was his worry, many fans were eager to know whether their favourite Swirie is safe as well.

“Yesterday was my sister bumping her car!. Someone decided to bump my car out of no where. Now i have to do the admin of chasing this guy and making sure his insurance pays for the damages. I am genuinely exhausted from everything going on. Is this how we begin my 2021,” he said

How is your 2021 already? Your faves are already exhausted.

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