Fans Are Disappointed With The Entertainment Industry.

Mzansi calls out the entertainment industry for the rise in unemployment rate in Mzansi. What that means is the fact that the actors are recycled contiUously.

An actor from one soapie can also be showing on the other soapie as well. The industry is closed for the new upcoming actors and presenters as well. Too many familiar faces circulating around television where else they could also invest on the upcoming and new talent.

Such was also exposed on Somizi’s scandal with the journalists he insulted, when they tagged his bosses, so many familiar companies which are household names came out from the likes of Metro Fm radio station, Mzansi magic, Multi Choice, DSTV and so forth. And they all chose one person to work with when they could have opened the opportunities to new faces and talents.

But again it wouldn’t be a job if one actor have to be used on one soapie and be discarded afterwards because that means death of their career as well, especially when actors are battling with the very less salary they are paid, looking at the amount of work they put in I don’t know whether there should be more soapies and dramas to accommodate new talent and help eradicate unemployment, or the actors should finally get paid for what they are worth so that one soapie can be enough for their dear lives and family survival as they hire new faces in all other upcoming soapies and dramas.

What do you think could be the solution? One that can accommodate the existing presenters and actors as well as the new talent.

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