Busiswa Is Trending So Much After This Video.

She gained popularity from Dj Zinhle’s “My Name Is” hit song, changed the move game in South Africa and showed off her entertaining dancing skills, The mother of one has been an explosive ticking bomb since. Busiswa has gone as far as making friends with the international star who needs no introduction, Beyonce, Mrs Carter.

Having to work with such an icon marks a once in a lifetime experience for most people but Busiswa locked it in with a friendship.

The musician has since been flourishing in her career.

I must add that the weight loss after the birth of her first born is still is a shock to Mzansi. She recently filmed her flexible self doing the ‘bussit challenge’ and her hips did not lie.

Her fans called her the iconic Beyonce of South Africa. Not only is Beyonce known for her vocals, she attacks the dance floor as well. Judging from Busiswa’s bussit dance, she deserved the title.

She posted the video of her self doing the bussit dance and this is her caption,

“bussitchallenge ACCEPTED!! 💃🏽😅 Hair by @thesanhair … how’s my alter ego looking? Her name is Lolita Burns 😜”

What do you think of Busiswa’s bussit challenge dance?

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