Buhle Samuels Replaced Because Of Her Attitude And Behaviour.

According to Sunday World, Buhle Samuels was fired from Muvhango due to her not so pleasant attitude. The actress would be at peace with you one second and then the next she’s cat fighting.

When a cast member is becoming so impossible to work with to a point of becoming a frenemy to every cast member, they are ought to be dismissed, for the sake of a healthy work place and progress to the team.

It was said that Buhle Samuels is a great actress but her behavior is unspeakable. “She has a short temper and unpredictable outbursts. She was literally fighting with everyone on set.” 

After letting her go, Muvhango realized they have let go one actress with the viewer’s attraction. So they made their pitstop at Tebogo Thobejane’s address who is now the new kid on the block in Muvhango.

The actress has also confessed about having her only fans account that focuses on half clothed pictures, particularly the ones that expose the body to attract members of course.

“My seminude and lingerie pictures are everywhere on social media and many people can access them for free. I am glad that I am now getting paid as a content creator for my pictures. Although I have other businesses, this is an easy way to make money just by using my smartphone in the comfort of my own home,” she said.

“I am doing this as a side hustle to feed my family. I am also embracing my body as a chubby woman. I was born with this body and I am proud of it. I also want to inspire other chubby women not to be ashamed to show off their curvy bodies. No one is perfect,” Tebogo added.

Apart from using her body to make money, Tebogo gets to make money fully clothed on Muvhango portraying a character of a lover of finer things in life. The wedding planner.

When she was described as the opt in to replace Buhle Samuels, she replied. “I’m not here to replace her. I’ve worked very hard,” she told the publication.

How is Tebogo on muvhango so far?

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