Somizi Caught Mohale Cheating On Him With A Married Man

Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung got married not so long ago in a luxurious wedding. Their marriage quickly became South Africa’s hotspot then gained the title, “couple of the decade.”

There has been rumours about their separation and none of them have come out to confirm their separation but we could see signs such as Mohale’s absence from Somizi’s birthday celebration and the fact that they crossed over to 2021 separately in separate locations.

When called for comment, Mohale said, “I thought you were calling me about something else. If it is about this then, no, I choose not to say anything.” Yesterday, Somizi did not reply to any of the questions sent to him, but replied the most famous reply now, since posted on his Instagram page.

“Please make my year and write that story. I will sue the living hell out of you and your publication for this crap you are asking me.”

A source close to somizi said, “They are civil towards each other, but the true fact is that they are not together anymore. Mohale moved out and he no longer has access to drive Somizi’s cars. He is not wearing his wedding ring. He does not go to their matrimonial home in Dainfern. It is believed that they are busy negotiating their divorce settlement,” the source alleged.

“The guy is married to a woman and has kids. That is why Somizi did not come out about this because he wanted to be sensitive to protect the guy’s young children. The guy is also financially powerful, so he doesn’t want to drag his name and reputation,” the source claimed.

“The boy [Mohale] is all over the show, but I don’t blame him. He is young and Somizi wanted to get married as he is old,” the source continued.

Please note everything said above is alleged. And again, this could just be a hearsay since Mohale is now posting his pictures in Somizi’s house and also of him drinking the smoothies that Somizi makes, including today.

Could this mean its over for Somizi and Mohale?

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