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Rami Chuene Calls The Cops Because Of Abuse. – The Tea World

Rami Chuene Calls The Cops Because Of Abuse.

Actress Rami Chuene showed her boldness when she helped the next door neighbour’s kids by calling the police. We already know that the actress is very vocal and vows to not accept the unacceptable.

Well the actress called the police on her neighbours simply because he has been beating up his children all morning. Although she was told that its none of her business, she so vowed to never stop dialing 10111 on him.

“Ek het die polisie gebel.(i called the police) You can’t be beating your kids the whole morning. Ke neng bana ba lla! I heard the young boy say: I’m sick & tired of you. One day I’m going to wake up and kill you!” she said.

Even though it is not her business, Rami says she will record every detail down from the date, and how long he has been beating his children, as a token of help to the children.

“The police called to confirm that they’re on their way. The only thing I’m going to say to this man is: every time you beat your kids, I’m calling the police. Going forward, I will write the date, time and the duration of the beatings. Kgale ke mo tlogetše. Let’s fight, shem!”

“The police just left. Abuti Culprit had conveniently stepped out with wife. I know he heard me when I said I was calling the police. Few neighbors came through to say they know of his beatings. Police left a message/warning for him with our security & they’ll follow-up tomorrow,” she added.

Rami also vowed to be calling the police whenever he does such acts of abuse. Many families spank their children at home especially when they do something wrong in order to teach them discipline. Such acts creates fear of redoing the same wrong thing for the kids so they end up growing with manners and well disciplined.

Take note, there is a difference between discipline and abuse, you can not be beating your kids brutally the whole morning continuously and call it discipline. That is abuse.

So Rami saw the wrong doings and saw it fit to intervene even though it can be labeled as none of her business .

“UPDATE: I was told to mind my business. As long as they’re next door, I’ll be 10111 all over them, shem! Phez’kwabo!” she added.

Do you think what Rami Chuene did is unacceptable?

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