Ntando Duma Responds To Circulating Video Of Who Is Assumed To Be Herself.

There has been a video trending on twitter of a lady who resembles Ntando Duma a bit too much. Her video contained sexual contents which is quite the reason why it kept circulating on Twitter.

Being a celebrity, the video can negatively affect Ntando Duma so badly, whether it’s hers or should she decide to not set the records straight regarding her identity in the video.

In response to the claims that the video stars the actress Ntando Duma, she tweeted denying the claims, saying that she would never do such a thing of that nature.

“I legit almost believed that was me in that video. Yaze yafana nami leya ngane but for confirmation, it is definitely NOT ME and I would never do anything of that nature. Have a good day everyone,” she tweeted.

“Dear I was devastated.. I was prepared to be in your defence team.. But something said no ….she’s too smart for that and even if she did that ….I trust she will handle it well,” says a tweep.

And some were maybe way too inquisitive to ask if she means she’s not getting some action by saying she would not do something of that nature.

For those who saw the video, did it really look like Ntando Duma?

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