Fans Want The Truth From Nomcebo and Masechaba

The musician Nomcebo Zikode is still on the world tour and fans are loving it. Unfortunately she had to announce the passing of her two loved ones and messages of condolences filled up her comment section. Her fans expected her to be mourning the whole day or two but the musician decided to play with her twitter followers. She posted a picture of either herself or Masechaba. It’s still blur but their fans are just as confused about who is who.

Moflava even shared a screenshot of him starting a conversation with Masechaba but really wanted Nomcebo. The two are a spitting image of each other.

To make matters worse, Nomcebo asked Masechaba in a tweet of their pictures showing strong resemblance, if they should tell them the truth. Them being the people.

It sparked so much assumptions that the two may in fact be sisters.

“Someone’s parents between Masechaba and Nomcebo have some explaining to do,” says a tweep.

Masechaba replied and said , “I see you,” which sparked an action of confirmation from my side. so I went digging only to find that Nomcebo was in fact playing with our minds as the picture belong to Masechaba. She has posted it on Instagram and I guess even Nomcebo herself was shook at the feeling of seeing her other self and so, pranked twitter.

What do you think about their resemblance?

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