What Linda Mtoba Did Was Very Brave

Actress Linda Mtoba took to twitter to narrate an incident that took place when she was having a girl’s day out with her mother and daughter, Bean, when she saw two girls harassed by an older man in the restuarant

The girls were having their time together when a man joins them uninvited. She says she could see the immediately uncomfortability in them.

The story above sounds so familiar and that is what makes it so scary because men have taken the initiative to simply harass us even when we are in our own element.

She furthered to explain how she immediately had an instinct to help them after having an eye contact. Even though part of her was filled with fear of his retaliation. This what took place, as Linda Mtoba narrates.

“Today when I was out with my mom & Bean 2 beautiful young girls sat across us. Later on an OLD ASS MAN NOMKHABA approached their table proceeded to move their belongings so he could sit uninvited. I could immediately see how uncomfortable they became. Now a part of me said “mind ya business” what if they’re ok. I made eye contact with one of them who was facing me & she gave me “the look” As woman we ALL know the “look” That “get me away from this man that I don’t know & I’m uncomfortable look.” She said

The motherly instincts in her pushes her to shout further and help the girls, hoping that things won’t go south with this man sitting with them forcefully.

“I paused then proceeded to shout, omw I didn’t see you guys when did you arrive. They both turn and start getting their bags, I ask them to join us. I even asked about their parents loudly. They left loyababa onomkhaba at the table. Eventually he left.” she added

“The whole time I’m thinking does this old ass man not see that these are kids? Is no one else seeing this!? I have a daughter who is gonna get harassed by men like I was, like my mother & her mother before her.”

“There was also an element of fear & I’m sure they felt it too. I had it, what if this man gets aggressive and tells me to mind my business. Who will actually help us? Siyanisaba madoda.” she added

Women feel powerless daily and are filled with fear because one man can walk up to them and feel the need to harass them and in most cases help doesn’t even come because even the ones near by fear the unknown and proceed to convince themselves that it might be okay.

What are the safety precautions do you think we should take to protect ourselves from Men as Women?

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