Skeem Saam Actress Mogau Motlhatswi Shocked Many When She Posted This Picture

Skeem Saam actress Mogau posted a picture of herself sitting by the pool. Not only is her body beautiful, it is one complexion throughout and such is considered very rare unless if the person is using products to maintain it.

Surprisingly, Mogau does not use anything especially under her armpits, which is the part that got her fans shocked. Just the open of her armpits got Instagram asking about how she makes it possible for her armpits to be light and fully shaved. This was the common question since armpits tends to change colour to be much darker than the actual body. Surprisingly Mogau says she does not use anything special at all.

“What is your secret, mine even after shaving, you can see that George Bush lives there,” says a fan.

“You gotta come through with whatever you use to clean those clean underarms sis,” says another fan.

It turns out that Mogau does not use anything at all according to her response, “Wow guys, is this like a real big deal, I don’t use anything,” she said.

She then withheld the information regarding the deodorant she uses.

How do you keep your underarms clean and same complexion as your whole body?

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