This Is How Arthur Mafokate Feels About Katsande

Musician and producer Arthur Mafokate took to his social media platforms to give a heads-up to Katsande for being super inspirational considering where he is coming from or where he started.

Can we agree that everything has a beginning in life, once it begins it is your choice to grow or be at a stand still and Katsande’s graph has definitely been growing rapidly and we are here for it.

Something very rare, but Arthur Mafokate decided to give Willard Katsande his flowers when he can still smell them and gave him a round of applause about his life.

“If you can dream it you can live it, Katsande has been such an inspiration to many. To both rivals and supporters he is an epitome of hardwork, perseverance and discipline. He is a friendly (even though he is one of the few players I never met), good hearted and jolly person but tough on the field of play, well done brother 🙌🏾”

Willard Katsande is one football player found in the positives more than the potholes of life and seems to be minding his business as he continues to succeed.

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