DJ Sbu Breaks The Record

Dj Sbu is the kind of a soul that we need replicated in this country. Kind, goal driven, inspiring and woke. If he is not helping out or motivating the youngsters to for reach their greatest potential, he is lending a hand of hope to charities and organizations out there. With no greed, Dj Sbu took the initiative to have himself break the world record for the longest marathon radio show. He hosted a non stop music radio program for 216 hours straight!

The Dj took to his social media platforms to announce the funds they raised during the 216 hours which is yet to be donated to the chosen charity. He then thanked everyone who made it possible for his mission to be accomplished. 48 hours is too long and exhausting as it is, imagine the whole 200+ hours non stop for the money he will not even taste an ice cream from. I am inspired!

This is what he said partly, “Thank you for the experience. Marathon Longest Music Radio Show in the World 216 hours of non stop music radio raising funds for @Siyazigabisa through @SLEF_SA.”

Siyazigabisa Home of Hope is a charity organisation which restores hope for neglected children.

Thank you Dj Sbu and his listeners and supporters. One child is having a meal because your heart dared to be different.

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