Papa Penny called abusive and oppressive

Papa Penny called abusive and oppressive

Giyani Kulani popularly known as Papa Penny landed in hot soup with viewers of his show when he flew business class whilst his wife and child were in economy.

Papa Penny is a musician who has a reality TV show that shows him navigate his home and business life. In a recent episode the show aired the musician boarded business class whilst his wife and child were in economy. Something his viewers did not take kindly too. He was called all kinds of names from oppressive, abusive to selfish. Considering the country is at loggerheads because of GBV it was definitely the wrong time for Papa Penny to do this.

The entertainer is yet to comment about his reason for doing this but his fans impatiently wait to hear it. Tweeps clearly think Papa Penny is far from a good husband and that he does not treat his significant other well.  Viewers of the show have found Papa Penny patriarchal and his views on women very low in previous episodes but this action clearly beats them all. Here are some of the thoughts that circulated on twitter:

“If you’ve been watching Papa Penny you would have noticed a pattern of emotional abuse and how he publicly displays his disrespect Ko Mama Nomi. It’s disgusting to say the least. Remember when he wanted to marry Mamma Nomi’s little sister? Cringe”

“Some of you ridiculing Papa Penny is Papa Penny, you have two cars but your girl or guy still takes a taxi, you have your own firms but your girl or guy is still looking for a job. Check yourself.”

“I’m sorry man but Papa Penny is actually a shitty person, father and partner. Wtf is this?”

What do you think of what Papa Penny did Tea Squad? Even if he explains is there even a good reason he could use to explain his actions?

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