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Mzansi men apologise to victim of GBV – The Tea World

Mzansi men apologise to victim of GBV

Mzansi men apologise to victim of GBV

A tweep posted a picture of Thembi Maphange posted and tweeted these heart wrenching words she said, “And yes I survived. Yes I was burnt by my baby daddy. Yes he killed my daughter. Yes he took my career.” She and her daughter were burnt alive and left to die in 2010.

She narrated her story. “In 2006 I fell in love with a guy whom we had so much in common and we planned our future together. In 2008 God blessed us with twins, a boy and a girl. Unfortunately I lost my boy at birth but my daughter survived.” They named her Kamogetso.

She says after a year they started experiencing problems. He was verbally abuse her and occasionally slap her. But she thought he would eventually calm down. “On the 12th of March 2010, my friend had a birthday celebration. I was helping with catering so I didn’t want to leave early but he wanted us to leave. As I refused, he dragged me in front of everyone but fortunately people intervened and eventually he left alone. When I finally went home he wasn’t there. He only came back the following morning and expressed his dissatisfaction with how I had handled the situation.”

“He then told me he had come to take all his belongings and was moving out. He then came to me after he was done packing, saying we needed to talk in the bedroom. Our daughter came to join us, he then locked the door. He picked up a bottle and I still didn’t pay attention. It was until he threw it at me that I realised what was happening.  We started fighting for the matches. That fight felt like a lifetime until he overpowered me and finally managed to strike it.” He then jumped out of the window leaving them to die. Thembi woke up in hospital 3 months later to be told her daughter died 2 days after the incident due to smoke inhalation. She was discharged in 2011 after a year of rehabilitation.”

The perpetrator, her baby daddy was jailed and she visited him and forgave him though he never explained why he did what he did. After his release in 2018 he passed away a few months later. This story had so many Mzansi men on twitter apologising on behalf of all men.

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