Khanyi Mbau talks about former Sugar Daddy

Khanyi Mbau talks about former Sugar Daddy

Socialite and actress Khanyi Mbau talked about her former sugar daddy Mandla Mthembu whilst doing a podcast interview with MacG much to her fans delight.

Khanyi is no stranger to being talked about. Usually people are criticising over her lifestyle choices like her choice to lighten her skin or her sugar daddy but this time it was different. Fans were impressed with her narrating skills and her different perspective on life. Khanyi talked about her relationship with Mandla and fans were mesmerized, hanging on her every word as she moved from one story to another.

According to her the two met when she was only 19 years old and Mandla was 30 years older than her. Mandla made the first move and impressed her with his flashy and extravagant lifestyle. Khanyi wanted to be a part of this lifestyle too. She also shared that though a couple they were a couple they were not intimate for a long while because the businessman did not want to rush things as he wanted to marry her. When they finally slept together she said she did so because he had done so many things for her and felt it was the only way to thank him for it. The two got married in 2006 and went their separate ways in 2009.  The two have a daughter together. When this relationship went public Khanyi was labelled a gold digger. But over the years she has proven she has a thick skin and can handle whatever shade the media and people throw at her.

About her time with him she says, “All I remember was us deciding on colour, where to eat, cars, arguing not being in the same car because we did not like the same music. There was no heart to heart conversation, apart from discussing having a baby. I enjoyed being around him, but I realised I was worshipping him, not loving him.”

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