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Fans rain on Makhadzi’s parade – The Tea World

Fans rain on Makhadzi’s parade

Fans rain on Makhadzi’s parade

Venda singer Makhadzi was in a mood to celebrate but her fans and followers rained on her parade. The singer is well known for her hit song Matorokisi whose video was the most played by music channels.

Channel O recently featured a Strictly Makhadzi episode which was a big achievement as Venda artists’ music videos usually don’t get airplay on music channels. Makhadzi feeling high on this achievement went to share with her fans in twitter and urged them to tune in. she posted a picture of her video playing on Channel O and wrote, “Channel O just did Strictly Makhadzi. A first for a Venda artist. VhaVenda are super proud right now.”

 Instead of celebrating with her tweeps began to complain that they only played four of her songs. An example of one such tweet is this, “This is it. You are part of the problem, Channel O should acknowledge our musicians now and then. It is not something we should celebrate, we are happy for Makhadzi but these, “first what nonsense” contributes to the looking down of us as a tribe. Why are we trying so hard?” Makhadzi responded, “I have no idea why you fighting with me. You want us to pretend this isn’t the first? Channel I doesn’t acknowledge Venda artist this much. Are you seriously telling us not to celebrate Makhadzi’s achievements? Asking us to entertain tribalist. Why are you this person?” Although they are others who joined her in celebrating this milestone.

Magane M reasoned that for the channel to post several videos the musician has to have produced many videos for the show to choose from and maybe they played the ones they had. What do you think Tea Squad? Is a Venda artist being featured for the first time on Channel O for a Strictly segment reason to celebrate the achievement or to complain why they do not feature more.

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