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MamMkhize sees no solution to the taxi fare hike problem – The Tea World

MamMkhize sees no solution to the taxi fare hike problem

MamMkhize sees no solution to the taxi fare hike problem

Businesswoman Shauwn Mkhize popularly known as MamMkhize from her reality TV show shared her thoughts on the increased bus fare.

Alexandra Taxi Association and Alexandra, Randburg, Midrand and Sandton Taxi Association taxis have announced that they will be increase in taxi fare from 15 June. The increase is so drastic commuters will be paying more than double their usual fare. The news has left so many commuters distraught as their salaries have not increased.

MamMkhize called the situation a catch 22 which means a problem with no direct solution. Taxi operators are increasing fares because due to the social distancing regulations mandated by the government they have to carry less people per trip. Commuters on the other hand are cash strapped because they haven’t been working and for some that means they have not been getting paid.

She posted a picture of herself and captioned it with what was on her mind including schools opening and the increase in taxi fares. “I am really feeling the pain for the price increased on taxi fare but I understand where they are coming from but considering the fact that people have not been earning their full income. I think it’s a catch 22 situation for both as the numbers have been cut as well on the taxi load,” she wrote.

The businesswoman also expressed that she hoped everything will transit smoothly as school opened because a lot of patients were sceptical about the opening of schools when the pandemic is not in control. She ended her post with her thought of the day which was motivational. “In life you need to spend more of your time on what gives you energy and less of your time on what takes it away.  And you must always forget what hurts you but never forget what it taught you.”

What’s your take on the increased  taxi fare Tea Squad.

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