Lebo M can’t make them stay

Lebo M can’t make them stay

Producer Lebo M, who is behind the production of Lion King is yet again going through another separation. The producer was engaged to Malefu ‘Mel’ Ntsala and about to get married for the 5th time this year.

Celebgossip.co.za caught wind that the couple went their separate ways early this year due to because Lebo started entertaining his ex-wife Angela Ngani-Casara.  Rumours of their nit being together started making rounds on social media and when Ntsala was contacted she said, “It’s been 5 months already what do you want to know? I’m so over it. We broke up in January, what is this now, its June? I don’t understand why you want to write me in Lebo’s stories.” Sis is clearly ready to move on and does not appreciate being taken back to her past.

Ntsala claims the relationship ended because she and Lebo were over each other. “Relationships are relationships guys, they die, sometimes they work out, and sometimes they don’t. I mean really, there is nothing I can say. He was a good and amazing partner but we have ti be where we are today and I’m so happy for him. We were both tired of each other. You know relationships, we decided that you know what, this is not good for us. This is not for us,” she said.

Despite the breakup the beauty explained that the two had no bad blood between them. “The wedding was supposed to happen this year but no it didn’t happen.” When asked about Lebo having moved on with a popular musician she expressed surprise as she thought he was back with his ex-wife Angela. Lebo M was not available for comment.

Among Lebo’s exes are Vivica Gibson, Nandi Ndlovu, Angela Ngani-Casara and actress Zoe Mthiyane. Lebo clearly believes in love and won’t stop looking for it. Well may his next relationship and marriage be the one and he gets right.

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