Tumi Morake had guns pointed at her

All eyes are on America right now as the black Americans protest police brutality against people of colour. Several people from other nations have also joined in the protest making the outcry against injustice louder.

This has led to many people just sharing on social media the incidences they have had with either police or army in their country where unnecessary force was shown. One of these was comedienne Tumi Morake who shared her incident of having guns pointed at her whilst she was 7 months pregnant.

Tumi commented on songstress Simphiwe Dana’s thread on twitter who posted about the psychological effects police brutality causes. And how she herself had suffered and could not get out of bed for a month. “These US protests are highly triggering. Until you face police brutality you have no idea of its psychological effects. You feel hopeless and your mind can’t register that you’re being attacked by those meant to protect you – for merely peacefully protesting for the right to human dignity. Saw so many students having panic attacks during #FeesMustFall. I myself couldn’t get out of bed for a month,” she said.

Tumi then commented that she herself and her husband had went through a similar incident for no reason and had not even got an apology. “You. I’ve had rifles pointed at me, 7 months pregnant wondering how threatening I looked. Hubby in his shorts and golf shirt in Cape Town. I see these reports and wonder if I should be grateful we weren’t hurt or pissed off we didn’t escalate the matter. No apology,” Tumi wrote.

It is so easy for a misunderstanding to happen and you end up looking at the barrel of the gun held by police officers or being hurt. Tell me Tea Squad, any of you ever experienced police brutality?

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