Sophie Lichaba’s health failing

Sophie Lichaba’s health failing

Veteran actress Sophie Lichaba was hospitalised during the lockdown due to high sugar levels.

The actress had just made an amazing comeback in Lockdow after being in her own words mentally and physically affected with her diabetes diagnosis.  Sophie is diabetic and has had some real lows in her fight against the condition. She lost considerable weight and they were even rumours spread about her death, something that hurt her financially and emotionally.

Sophie opened up about her recent trip to the emergency room on her Instagram page. She posted a picture of herself and captioned the picture first with words of gratitude to the Lord for constant restoration and thanked all the medical personnel for their daily sacrifices. She also wrote that, “I’m living with diabetes most vulnerable to this pandemic. I’m still here. So grateful. But from tomorrow #lockdownlevel3 let’s be responsible. I’m thankful for all those who have sacrificed their lives in their respective professions just for us. I have seen emergency room once in thus delicate time and was just high sugar levels.” Sophie ended her post by reminding everyone that the fight is not over and to wear their mask.

This is not her first health scare. Late last year, the actress blacked out whilst driving. She also spoke to TimesLive at the time of the accident and said, “I am diabetic and my sugar levels were very high. I literally passed out. That is why, for me, I want to create awareness about the condition. My kids, everyone, was sad. They said, ‘Mom, what if this had happened on the highway?’ it happened on a normal road, but the bottom line is that the car was wrecked.”

Sophie has refused for her condition to get her down. Besides her role as Palesa in Lockdow, she also owns and runs an events company and several chesa nyamas with her husband. Mzansi is more than happy to see her flourish despite her challenges and so are we.

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